What Newborn Days Are Really Like

What Newborn Days Are Really Like

There's this baby. He's only a couple of weeks old and he's all yours. He's precious. He smells divine, like absolutely nothing you have actually ever smelled before. You love to watch him sleep.

He prefers it when you hold him and are totally incapable of doing anything else but holding him. He farts all the time. He fills his nappy. He cries.

He's beyond adorable. You can't believe how lucky you are to be his mother. How can this perfect little creature be yours? It's a miracle.

He eats continuously. You schedule your day around his feeds. They come so often. Why does this child have to eat so frequently?

He slept for 5 straight hours last night. It felt like a success. You are an amazing parent. You most likely won't even need to sleep train him - he's that excellent.

You're tired. It's tiresome, this newborn care thing. It's constant and unending and cyclical and also, boring. Change nappy, feed, nap, repeat. Day or night, it doesn't stop.

He smiled at you today. It was an authentic smile, not gas or drowsiness, and it made your heart burst. You almost wept with joy and appreciation. That smile made all the battles worth it.

The baby is napping. Time to do all those things you have been putting off. Load the dishwasher. Put on some laundry. Empty the nappy bin. Consider getting in the shower...just as he begins crying once more.

Change nappy, feed, nap, repeat.

He drops off to sleep in your arms. He looks so serene. You can't bear to move and wake him up, so you hold him. You inhale his fragrance and bask in the glow of motherhood. You could sit like this all day. He is wonderful. He is yours.

You watch your partner prepare for work. You've forgotten what that's like. To get on the train and commute with other adults. To go to an office and discuss the world news. What's that like again?

He's the sweetest infant ever. Look at his little toes, his tiny fingernails. His teeny belly-button. His delicate eyelashes. His rosebud of a mouth. He is perfect.

He spits up all over himself and you. You anxiously wipe up the mess and question if he got enough during his last feed. When was the last time you showered?

Change nappy, feed, nap, repeat.

He coos, he gurgles. He makes charming noises when he poops. He smiles when you tickle his toes. It's bliss.

He does't want to sleep in the cot. Or the bouncy chair. Or the swing. So you pick him up and hold him. Again and once again and again, even though you have a thousand other things to do.

He is yours. He is best. Your heart is full.

Change nappy, feed, nap, repeat.