Does Your Baby Need A Bath Everyday?

Does Your Baby Need A Bath Everyday?-Li'l Zippers-Baby Zip Rompers

The next time you're giving your baby a bath and instantly regret putting that bundle of crying, squirming mess in the water, you should act upon your instinct and take them out. Why? Because they don’t need it.

That’s right, babies DO NOT need a bath every day. They'll smell just as sweet and delicious if you skip the whole warm water and soap routine.

In fact, according to American Academy of Paediatrics, a newborn should not be bathed every day. All you need to do to do keep them clean is change their nappy regularly. 


Why Don’t Babies Need A Bath Every Day?

The reason is because their skin is super sensitive and bathing them everyday can dry their skin out and worsen conditions like eczema. It sounds counter-intuitive, but limiting the soap and water is actually good for your baby’s skin.

Another logistical reason why a baby doesn't need to bathe every day is because they tend to stay in one place during the day given they haven’t learned to crawl yet. Consequently, they don’t get as dirty as crawlers.

Of course, if your baby looks dirty or smells, then a bath is still a good idea. 


So What Age Do Kids Need Regular Baths?

When they dive face-first into puddles, roll around on the grass and generally start making a mess of themselves by sneaking off on all fours into the dirtiest of places. Also, any child who smells or gets sweaty while playing is also in need of regular baths. But even in these cases, a gentle bath every few days is enough.

So when do daily baths become mandatory? According to the American Academy of Dermatology, that would be 11 years old. In fact, they say that children between 6 and 11 only need to bathe once or twice every week. Of course, the exception to that rule is if they get dirty.

In truth, you should allow your child to get exposed to a few germs as it helps boost their immunity according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Dr. Michael Welch of the Academy states that for growing children, exposure to viruses and bacteria helps protect from them from their harmful effects.

Of course, once they're teenagers, a daily wash is a must and shouldn't be skipped unless they're unwell.

So until then, relax and give yourself a break from daily baby bathing.