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7 Tricks To Get You Baby To Sleep

November 17, 2019

7 Tricks To Get You Baby To Sleep-Li'l Zippers-Baby Zip Rompers

When young, your baby needs at least 16-20 hours of sleep a day. As they grow, this reduces to 10-12 hours. As we know, sleep is important for your baby's growth as well as enabling you to get some rest. No mother can be at peace if her child is not.

Of course, babies do wake from their sleep when they are hungry which is perfectly normal, but there are some techniques you can employ to assure that your baby sleeps uninterrupted through the night as often as possible.


1. A Soothing Massage & Bath

While this is not always practicable, it can do wonders when you get the chance.A good massage using a light fragrant oil helps in relaxing their muscles and as they feel fresh and clean, they are likely to fall asleep better and faster.


2. Clean Clothes & Full Tummy

An empty nappy and full tummy rather than the other way around will always be a great start to getting baby off to sleep.


3. Play Soothing Music Or Sing

Mothers have been singing lullabies to their babies for centuries now and it is proven to work every time. Not only does it calm their mind and lull them to sleep but it also helps improve their auditory skills.


4. Keep The Room Cool & Dark

Like adults, babies like their room to be an optimum temperature as it relaxes them and makes them more comfortable. And keeping the lights off prevents the baby from getting distracted from things in the room.


5. Build A Sleep Routine

This was the best thing we ever did for our kids and most bedtimes went without a hitch as they got older but you can start as early as you want. Fixing a sleep routine gets your baby used to the tasks before sleep and gives them cues that it is time to sleep. This not only helps for the time being but develops discipline in the child.


6. Avoid Eye Contact

Making eye contact with your baby is an engaging and exciting action that will keep them playful and delay sleep. Talking is the same so hum or sing but no talking and no eye contact.


7. Put Them To Bed While Drowsy

This helps your baby recognise their environment before they fall asleep. Putting them to bed after they have fallen asleep means they wake up in an unfamiliar environment, leaving them confused.