6 Tips For Dressing Your Baby In Winter

6 Tips For Dressing Your Baby In Winter

Dressing your baby during the winter months can be be a bit of a challenge. You obviously want to ensure they stay warm at all times, but you also need to be aware of overheating as this is a health risk for young babies.

And because your little one can’t actually tell you how they’re feeling, it’s sometimes hard to gauge where they're at on the comfort scale.

Hopefully these tips will make dressing your baby in winter a little easier:


1. Layers Are The Key

Bodysuits and rompers are must-haves for babies in winter. You can then add booties, socks, mittens, hats and jackets as needed. When dressing your baby, a good rule of thumb is that they generally need one more layer of clothing than you do.


2. Check Their Temperature

If your baby has warm toes and a hot belly, they're overdressed. If on the other hand their belly is cool, add an extra layer of clothing to keep them cosy.


3. Use A Good Sleeping Bag

A good-quality sleeping bag will ensure your baby stays warm when asleep as they won’t be able to kick the covers off. We swear by the Merino Kids range - they were simply amazing for our kids.


4. Accessories Are Not Just for Fashion

Your baby’s ears will get cold too, so make sure that you always have them in a beanie or warm hat. On extra cold days, you can also add gloves and mittens or with our range, they already have built in feet and roll-over cuffs. And if it all matches, then all the better!


5. Make Sure It All Fits

Clothes that are too tight can limit your baby’s circulation which in turn, can contribute to cold extremities. On the flip side, clothes that are too loose allow too much cold air to flow in and out.


6. Blankets Are Essential

Whether you are inside or outside, a winter blanket is essential. The best thing about a blankets is that instead of going to the effort of adding extra clothing when your baby gets cold, you can simply wrap them in a blanket.

Stay Warm!