5 Ways to Deal With A Crying Baby

5 Ways to Deal With A Crying Baby-Li'l Zippers-Baby Zip Rompers

Oh, infographics - how I love them. They are the kind of picture that really is worth a thousand words. And when the information to help you as a parent, it's worth way more than words.

What I love most about them, is that you can save them to your camera roll for easy reference.

So in the spirit of being helpful, here's one for all the new parents out there. It's a nice simple process to follow when faced with a crying baby. After a while, we all work this out but isn't it nice to not have to face the trial and error?

But I must say, if your baby does seem unusually upset or cries repeatedly and repetitively for none of the normal reasons, get them checked out. Our Thing 1 was a colicky baby but we had no idea it was unusual until after the stage had passed. It's something we regret to this day.