5 Chores To Delegate To Hubby During Pregnancy

5 Chores To Delegate To Hubby During Pregnancy-Li'l Zippers-Baby Zip Rompers

You're pregnant. Which means your body is working hard at growing a whole second body inside it. That's tiring work. And yet the list of things to do around the house doesn't decrease for you.

But it should. In fact, here are five cleaning tasks that you need to delegate to your partner for the duration of your pregnancy.


1. Bathrooms

We all know that cleaning bathroom involves a lot of chemicals and pregnant ladies aren’t supposed to inhale toxic chemicals. The safety rule while being pregnant should be, “If something smells harsh, avoid it”. Delegate the work to someone else and in case you do decide to clean the bathroom, make your own cleaners using ingredients like lemon juice, white vinegar, and baking soda. And remember, some essential oils used as fresheners in the bathroom can also be bad for the health of expectant mums.


2. Vacuuming & Mopping

Given a choice, would you just relax and enjoy your pregnancy or suffer painful sciatica after mopping and cleaning the house? Yes, painful sciatica will be the result of vaccuming and mopping when you are pregnant. Activities which require you to bend forward worsen lower back pain and sciatica is very common during pregnancy because of the weight gain. So forget about cleaning your carpet or mopping the kitchen floor when you are pregnant. Delegate the work to someone else and all you pregnant ladies just relax!


3. The Laundry

Did you know that the result of doing laundry could be premature labour or high blood pressure? Yes, delegate that dreadful laundry job because bending and picking up laundry baskets and buckets will only strain your back. If you have older kids, ask them to help you in picking up clothes and hanging it out. They would be happy to help you for sure.


4. Pet Litter 

Just like harsh chemicals, cat poop in the litter box might put you in trouble during pregnancy because infections which transmit through cat faeces could affect the baby. Ask someone else in the family to take care of the litter cleaning. If you end up doing this chore, wear gloves and a mask to protect yourself from any infections. Wash your hands thoroughly after.


5. Ceiling Fans & Curtains

You might have experienced a change in your gait by now. This is because pregnant women experience a change in their centre of gravity. In turn, this makes you prone to dangerous falls, especially if you climb up high. Never climb on ladders to clean the ceiling fans or hang curtains while pregnant. Avoid the risk of falling by giving this chore to somebody else in the house or simply hire help. It's not worth it.

Who would have known that such simple household chores could put you and your growing baby in trouble? It is best to delegate. Don’t go on an overdrive about cleanliness and remember, it is absolutely okay to ask for help on household chores during pregnancy.