5 Baby Milestones You WON'T Enjoy

5 Baby Milestones You WON'T Enjoy-Li'l Zippers-Baby Zip Rompers

Baby milestones are always big! And as a parent, you want to be around for every one of them so you can record them on your camera and capture them forever as sweet memories.

But like many things, parenting is a bittersweet experience. Because while there are plenty of baby milestones you can’t wait to witness, there’ll be many more that you won’t want to remember. 

Here are 5.


1. The First Time Your Boy Pees In Your Face

This one is generally restricted to baby boys. If you have a boy, you can be sure that at some point, he’s going to pee into your face. It may not be intentional (but I wonder...) but he’ll do it regardless. Especially when you’re in the process of getting him out of a dirty nappy and into a clean one. Squirt goes the gun. Right in your face!


2. The First Time They Pop Your Boob Out To The World

Baby is only getting stronger and stronger and their arm strength and coordination keep improving. That is excellent! But as that happens, so does a wardrobe malfunction. Almost simultaneously. Well, not technically a wardrobe malfunction but more of your child’s eagerness to grab your boob out of your top and share it with the world! Sounds fun, no?


3. Their First Solid Poo

Life with a baby gets even more exciting when your baby starts experimenting with solid foods! Listening to those gleeful noises at having tried a new flavor and watching your baby covered in food is happiness of another kind. But once that food goes down and turns into solid, proper human poo, it becomes a challenge. A bad one.

4. The First Time They Drop Something

As your baby’s motor skills develop and learns how to grasp, he or she will want to drop things on the floor. And then cry bloody murder until you pick it up and give it back to them. And then they’ll drop it again. It’s just their idea of fun to throw everything. Such as meals you worked super hard for. Painful but true.


5. The First Time You Drop Them

It happens. You won't like it.

But they're pretty bouncy.


Luckily the bad is always outweighed by the good.