4 Tips For Celebrating Baby's 1st Christmas

4 Tips For Celebrating Baby's 1st Christmas-Li'l Zippers-Baby Zip Rompers

I love the holidays. From the sparkling lights to the festive mood that's felt everywhere we go, it's such a sweet time of year. And having a baby during the holiday season makes this time of year even more special.

Watching my kids see the lighted tree for the first time as babies is still one of my favourite memories. Even as they get older, the holidays are still magical but for me, those first few were truly beautiful.

Things can get pretty busy about now but when you have a baby, it's important to slow down a bit. While you do want your little one to have a good time, you also want them to stay safe and be comfortable. Here are four important tips to keep in mind for your baby's first holiday.


1. Pace Yourself

As tempting as it is to want to introduce your little person to all of the holiday fun at one time, babies get tired. You don't have to take them to all of the attractions or give them all of the experiences right now. Everything about the season is new to your baby, so they're going to be engaged and have a good time regardless of if you go to two places or twenty. By pacing yourself, you won't have to worry about your baby getting cranky because you keep pulling them out of the car, or they're being overstimulated.


2. Avoid Overstimulation

There is a lot to see during the holidays. Between the decorations and lights and all of the people, your baby could get overstimulated. If they seem extra cranky or are showing signs of distress, it might be time to find a space where you can calm them down. Find a quiet corner with a dim light. Put a light muslin blanket over their stroller to dim the lights a bit, or head home and let baby get some rest. An overstimulated baby is not having fun!


3. Be Safety Conscious

It’s not hard to imagine baby trying to pull themselves up on the Christmas tree and the entire thing falling on top of them, or grabbing an ornament and putting it in their mouth, or reaching for food they might be allergic to. There's so much going on this time of year that it's important to keep your eyes on your baby at all times, especially when you're visiting someone else's house. The holidays are merrier when baby is safe and sound!


4. Relax

Believe it or not, your baby can pick up on your energy, so make sure to find time to relax during the holiday season. Every activity you do with your family doesn't have to be high profile. Staying at home listening to cheerful music and letting your baby play in cookie dough will be just as enchanting for them as going to a crowded local attraction. Enjoy baby's first holiday, and don't get sucked into the chaos! Those special quiet moments between you and baby are often the best ones.


Merry Christmas!