25 Things To Know About Becoming A Mum

25 Things You Need To Know About Becoming A Mum-Li'l Zippers-Baby Zip Rompers

Are you ready for this?

No. You're not.


During Childbirth

1. Pooping during childbirth is pretty common. Yeah, it happens. It's a shitty deal.

2. The baby isn't the only thing you deliver during childbirth. After you deliver the baby, you deliver the placenta. "Here's your beautiful baby and here's your beautiful placenta!" But the placenta is not beautiful. It looks like an uncooked pot roast.

3. Your vagina isn't forever ruined after vaginal childbirth. IT SHRINKS BACK. This is not a "hotdog down a hallway" type of situation, people!

4. Your baby "bump" doesn't automatically shrink up after the baby comes out. You don't SUDDENLY have a flat stomach after birth! And wait until you see your new undergarments while that's happening...


When You Get Home

5. It actually takes like three to five days for your breast milk to come in after giving birth; you don't automatically produce it. But when it does come in, and you wait too long to pump or nurse, your boobs are worse than a leaky faucet.

6. Functioning on literally no sleep every day is actually possible. Not just functioning, but keeping another another human alive.

7. Being puked on is a daily occurrence. Being shit on is also a frequent occurrence.


After A While

8. Doing things with one hand is one of your best skills. You become a master at holding a baby, making a bottle, unloading the dishwasher, and talking on the phone all at the same time.

9. A shower is a luxury. And dry shampoo IS your definition of washing your hair.

10. Going to the bathroom alone is also a luxury.


11. You'll use Google to research what’s wrong with your kid a minimum of 10 times per day.

12. Sucking boogers out of a kid's nose is pretty typical. 

13. Most everyday items (like a pencil) are "dangerous." YOUR KID COULD STAB THEIR EYE OUT.


The New Rules

14. Silence is always, ALWAYS suspicious.

15. One shoe is ALWAYS missing. And it's ALWAYS when you're running late.

16. The way your kid looks is far more important than the way you look. You might have a poo stain on your shirt, but hey, at least your kid looks cute!

17. You always pack the whole house before going anywhere. Nappie? Check. Snacks? Check. Your kid's entire collection of Shopkins? Check.


Your New Life

18. You don't know any new movies or actors, but you can ramble off every single Disney and Nickelodeon show, theme song, and character.

19. You are the paparazzi during anything your kid does. Your social media page might as well be your kid's baby book.

20. There's no such thing as a "mum" wardrobe. "Mum jeans" are whatever jeans you choose to wear that day, but it's usually trackies.



21. You have a newfound appreciation for your own parents.

22. You still have interests outside of your kid. You became a mum - you didn't die.

23. That being said, you still can't manage to keep your eyes open long enough to finish an entire movie.

24. You think about another human being about 1,096,457 times a day

25. And you wonder how you could love them any more.