A New Factory Means New Horizons

A New Factory Means New Horizons

Receiving the confirmation that our ship has finally landed, has me breathing an incredible sigh of relief!

After what has been 11 months of planning, measuring, crazy Covid antics, logistics, sampling, fixing colours and learning to be far clearer in communication, it is here!  

[Insert crazy happy dance!!]

Switching factories was not an easy decision!  It’s always easier to keep doing what you’ve always done because that’s what you’ve done, you know it and it’s easy - right?   Sometimes in order to grow, change and evolve you have to take the harder road, the bumpier road that leads to bigger and better places, not to mention do our part for the planet and world!

I’m very excited to announce that our new factory is ethically certified, and has impeccable quality workmanship, the same stunning fabrics, great colours, bold prints, and will insure that we have a continuous supply of all stock from now on, so that you can always order exactly what you want.


One very exciting addition to the range is the bandana bibs, they are reversible with the print on one side and solid colour on the other, to match either the stripe or print rompers. These will be an incredible addition to your store and a lifesaver for the mums.  Your gift boxes will now be complete!


Seaside Bandana bibs

We can’t wait to fill your shelves with our stunning range again!

With a Li'l Love

Bek & Adam