An Inventive Way To Clear Dead Stock

An Inventive Way To Clear Dead Stock

Every retailer knows that a full fresh clean looking display of clothing draws customers eyes, looks inviting, and sells like crazy!

On the other hand a tired, non-matching, one or two of each size - ‘Sale rack’ is an eye sore, not to mention a retail nightmare!

Years ago when I had lots of indent brands in my children’s store, I decided I was not going to have a clearance sale rack any more! Not only did it mess up my store, it had the impact of the big department stores sales and people then weren’t keen to pay full price on the new stock.

So my mystery pack idea was born!

By bundling sizes together of various brands, clothing, accessories etc allowed me to clear the products, but all of the products, not just the good ones. Customers can’t see what they getting it’s a lucky dip and everybody loves surprises.

I challenge you to give it a go, write off the products on your sale rack, create new products called mystery packs, split them by size and sex, decide on your pricing and launch them as a new limited time initiative.

My trick is to pack away the old season for a couple of months, and launch mystery packs a month before the next season. They’re buying last years summer stock before this summer starts, they want a few tees to wear before the new stuff arrives, and you know they’ll buy the new stuff anyway!

Your customers will love them, and you can then fill your store with fresh and beautiful products that will generate an actual profit for you!!